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                2021 SUMMER CAMP DATES
                              9am – 3pm

                       June 28–July 2   
                          July 19–23  
              August 2–6 – SOLD OUT
Due to limited capacity, we have stopped accepting applications for the week of Aug. 2. We will begin a WAITING LIST hoping that the pandemic will be significantly better by August and we can increase our capacity.

If you want to join our wait list email me at

There will be a few changes in our procedures but the quality of teaching will remain the same. We will follow  State and CDC guidelines and safety of all players and staff will be our main concern.
A few of our new guidelines:

  • Our numbers will be limited to allow for social distancing. Applications will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.
  • Every camper will be given their own basketball which they will use for personal drills. We will also have “Game balls” that will be cleaned on a regular basis. Hand sanitizer stations will be available.
  • As of now, masks will be mandatory. We will continue to watch CDC guidelines and make changes as necessary.
  • There will be no snack bar or Pizza at lunch. Each camper will be responsible to bring their own lunch and snacks. They should also bring their own water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • We will have 3 lunch periods to allow for additional social distancing, Outside seating will be available,
  • We will have staff available in the parking lot in front of the gym each morning to take campers temperature and escort them from their cars to the gym. Visitors will not be allowed in the gym during the day.
  • Registration on Monday morning will be done outside the gym. All fees must be paid in advance. Walk-ins will not be accepted
  • CAMP REFUND POLICY: 7 day notice is required for all refunds (minus a $50 administration fee). If space is available, camps can be switched to another session without penalty with 7 days’ notice. If a doctor validated Covid quarantine prevents you from coming to camp, you can switch weeks or receive a refund. Once camp has begun, refunds will only be given due to injury (a doctors note is required). The refund will be prorated minus the administrative fee.

I will no longer be using the email


Download an Application Submit Payment through PayPal


Bob Foley’s
Next Level Basketball

Next Level Basketball has developed this protocol to address the issue of the identification and management of concussions for basketball participants

A safe return to activity is important for all participants following any injury, but it is essential after a concussion.  The goal of this concussion protocol is to ensure that concussed participants are identified, treated and referred appropriately for return to play. Consistent use of a concussion management protocol will ensure that the participant receives appropriate follow-up in order to make certain that the participant is fully recovered prior to returning to full activity.

This protocol will be reviewed annually by Bob Foley.  Changes and modifications will be reviewed and written notifications will be provided to all participants parents.

Recognition of Concussion

These signs and symptoms – following a witnessed or suspected blow to the head or body – are indicative of a probable concussion.

Signs (observed by others)   Symptoms (reported by athlete)  
Forgets plays
Appears dazed or stunned Headache
Exhibits confusion Fatigue
Unsure about game, score, opponent Nausea or vomiting
Moves clumsily (altered coordination) Double vision, blurry vision
Balance problems Sensitive to light or noise
Personality change Feels sluggish
Responds slowly to questions Feels “foggy”
Forgets events prior to hit Problems concentrating
Forgets events after the hit Problems remembering
Loss of consciousness (not required )

Any participant who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion will be removed from activity and will not be allowed to participant in any activity until the participant has been examined by a medical professional and received written permission to participate.

   -Parents/Guardian must present a medical professional’s documentation that includes the following:

            Duration of treatment
            Return to activity date

Bob or Louise Foley have been designated as the individuals who can make the initial decision to remove the participant from play when it is suspected the participant may have suffered a concussion.