Components of a Great Point Guard

“A Point Guard who can score is a great advantage.”
“A Point Guard who has to score is dangerous to their team.”

1. Out Work Everybody
-Hard Work Breeds Confidence, Lead By Example
-To be an effective leader, you must be the hardest worker on the team!
2. Believe in Yourself
-The size of your Heart is more important than the size of your body
3. Be An Extension of The Coach
-Listen to the Coaches. Figure out what they want. Commit yourself to carrying it out with enthusiasm to the best of your ability.
-Spend time with the coach asking questions, watching films and discussing philosophy.
-Be the best communicator on the floor
-talk constantly on defense helping your teammates to recognize potentially dangerous points of attack by their opponent. Keep your focus throughout the course of a game, and pay attention to details at all times.
4. Knowledge of Game Situations
-Have a feel for the game. Understand the other players’ positions in order to help them be as effective as possible.
-Think 2 or 3 Passes ahead – Know what you want to do before the ball arrives
– Great point guards know who can score on their team, how and where.
-look for and find quickly player mismatches.
-Always know the score and time
-When your Team is ahead by lot you have more freedom
-In a close game, you must be more fundamental
-Your Performance is reflected in the last two minutes of the game
-Be available at all times against pressure
-Accept the challenge when being pressed

5. Fundamental Basketball Skills
-Think pass first, Shot second
-Be the absolute best ballhandler on the floor! Always try to improve your handle.
Dribble North/South ( up the court- not across)
-Have a plan when you get into the lane
-Go to the ball when receiving the outlet pass
-Look at the rim, see the whole floor
-Having 3 point range makes you one step quicker
-Be a great free Throw Shooter
6. Defense
-keep constant pressure on a passer or dribbler forcing them off of their desired path of attack.
-Be a pest (This is a compliment)
-Lean toward the lane every time the ball goes inside, still being able to recover quickly to challenge the 3 point shot
-box out every time and do not use your position as the floor general to excuse yourself from rebounding duty
-Protect your basket – Your first step must be back when the shot is taken