Offensive Footwork

Proper offensive footwork allows you to get the best shot possible quickly and efficiently.    You must utilize your ability to change speed and change direction to get open.  The V-Cut and the Backdoor cut are used most often to get in the best position to score.

You want to take the defender down a couple steps away from the ball (change of direction) and explode (change speed) up past the
defense.  You must take a big step to the ball across the defense with your inside foot, pivot on that foot and square up to the hoop.
This is what we call the 1-2 step.  Feet, hips, and shoulders should all be facing (squared up) the hoop.

Take a quick step at your defender to make them back up or lean back, then take a quick step back to the passer and give a target to receive the ball. This can be used with a V-cut to get open on the wing.

You want to use the backdoor cut when the defense is overplaying you, denying you the ball.  You want to take the defense outside
the 3 point line, calling for the ball, lunge as ifyou are going to receive the pass and pivot off your outside foot (change direction),
push off and explode (change speed) to the hoop looking for the pass.

As you catch the ball, place it on your outside shoulder and pivot into the defender, leading with your elbow as you step with your
outside foot towards the basket. Bring the ball to your opposite knee as you step, using your body to protect the ball from the defender.
Be sure to maintain good balance! If the defender doesn’t react to your Rip, drive to the basket. If the defender jumps back to defend the Rip, pivot back and square up to the basket. Put your head in the defenders’ belly and “sweep” the ball back and forth along the floor using your non-pivot foot to fake the defender and get them off  balance so that you can drive past them. This is a great way to create space against an aggressive defender.

THE STEP BACK: This is a great move to create space for your shot against an aggressive defender           
If going to your left, dribble with your left hand, crossover with your right foot, stepping toward the basket, then hop backwards to your left foot, and set your right foot for the shot. When going to your right, reverse the footwork, by stepping left, right, left. Be sure to stay low and balanced during the footwork and drive the defender back by attacking the basket with the first step!
Add the hesitation dribble after your step back keep the defense off balance and open up easy drives to the basket!

STEP THROUGH:  When the defender cuts off your drive to the basket, come to a jump stop, facing the sideline. Swing your back foot around to the basket (keep the ball high) and step to the basket.

Discipline: Do what has to be done, when it has to be done, as well as it can be done, and do it that way all the time.