Jumpers & Free Throws
        (Age Level – Elementary 2 +)

Drill Purpose
This is a fun, competitive, and great all around shooting drills that players enjoy. The drill will improve jump shooting, free throws, and lay ups.

1. Divide your squad into three teams. One player should line up on the free throw line – the rest of their team standing behind.
Another two players should be on either wing inside the three point line, their teams lined up behind them.

2. On the whistle, the first player in each line will attempt a jump shot and then follow the shot. If it goes in, the player will make a lay up. If it doesn’t go in, the player will sprint to the other end of the court and make a free throw with one of the three basketballs lying along the free throw line.

3. The second player in line will repeat this process. Each basket (except for the free throw) is worth one point. The first team to
get to a set number of points wins the game.


Points of Emphasis
Continually tell your players to…
– Make sharp passes to their teammates.
– Shoot the free throw like it is a real game situation.
– Make the lay-up with the correct hand (right hand on right side, left hand on left side)!
– Put the ball back on the free throw line after making the free throw!

Motivation / Teaching Tips
Tip #1 – You can make a rule that states that no more than one player from each team can shoot a free
throw at one time. This will make it a bit harder for the team to score points at the other end of the
Tip #2 – If you want the drill to go faster, have a player or coach rebound the free throws so the player
doesn’t have to chase after the ball every time they miss it. For conditioning purposes, it is good to
make the player run after their own rebound