Individual Shooting Drills

A) PERFECT PRACTICE – Without a ball work on perfect form. Go through shot process, ball in the shot pocket, proper timing  (ball and feet move at the same time) and check your follow through. Work on footwork into the shot from straight on and coming  from the left and right (Inside pivot foot). Shoot at least 200 perfect shots each day.

1) Spin Pass w/ball – Step into shot position – no Shot – check feet

2) Spin pass into shot (against the wall or backboard) check follow through and feet


1) Spin ball & square up to the basket            2) Dribble and square up        3) Spin or dribble, square up & shoot

I recommend that younger players practice on a lower basket. Find a height that you are comfortable shooting at. Use a 28.5 or youth size ball. Also, stay close to the basket where you can shoot with PERFECT FORM.

                                           INDIVIDUAL SHOOTING DRILLS

Use the spin pass if you are alone, to practice the proper footwork. Once you have mastered the proper footwork and
technique then you are ready to start working at a faster speed. That’s when you need to perform all drills by taking
Game Shots, At Game Spots, and At Game Speeds. Younger players should always shoot closer to the basket


Start directly in front of the basket and shoot the ball from 6 feet. When you make 5 in a row, take a step back. Continue moving back 1 step each time you make 5 in a row

-If you are having problems with your follow through, try this drill shooting with 1 hand


Stand under the basket and spin the ball out to a spot on the floor where you will shoot during games. Sprint out, catch the ball as you pivot and square up to the basket. Shoot the ball, rebound and repeat 10 times. Pick 5 spots on the floor, shoot 50 shots and write down the # of made shots.


From the foul line, shoot a jump shot, follow your shot and shoot a left-handed lay-up or power move. Throw a self pass back to the foul line, square up and shoot again. Continue this drill 10 times and chart score (2 points for a jumper. 1 for a layup)


Start under the basket, Spin pass to the block, catch the ball with a Jump Stop, Pivot and face the basket and shoot, Repeat on the other side. Shoot 5 on each side then change your pivot foot.


Start on the block and pass the ball to the elbow. Catch with a jump stop Pivot and face the basket and shoot, Repeat on the other side. Shoot 5 on each side then change your pivot foot. (You can add a shot fake and drive to the basket)


Set up 2 cones on each wing.Start at half court on either side and go to the basket. As you approach the cone use your crossover dribble then shoot a lay-up. After shooting, dribble at the cone on the opposite wing, working on that same dribble. Then go back hard to the hoop. Go through each dribble on both sides. You can use dribbles such as crossover, hesitation, thru the legs, behind the back, and inside-outside dribble.


Place a chair on the elbow and begin in the corner. Sprint to the chair, take the ball and shoot a jump shot, rebound, replace and sprint back to the corner. Continue this drill for 1 minute and chart your made shots. You can also put chairs on both elbows and alternate sides of the court.


Pick a spot on the floor and play a game to 5 points. Scoring: 1 point for a swish; 0 points for a make that hits the rim; -1 point for a miss. This is a great way to practice Free Throws


Stand under the basket and throw the ball out past the 3 point line. Run out, catch the ball and face the basket in triple threat position. Use your different dribble moves to beat 2 defenders and shoot a layup or jump shot. Repeat to the opposite side. Mix your dribbles and be sure to use hesitation and explosive moves.

10. X-Out Drill:

This is a  lay-up drill designed to improve your timing, eye-hand coordination, balance, and quickness.  Begin with the ball in your right hand on the right elbow.  Use one dribble to go to the basket and shoot a lay-up, grab the rebound out of the net and take 2 dribbles to the opposite elbow with your outside (right) hand.  Plant your left foot on the elbow, pivot toward the sideline, switch the ball into your left hand and go hard to the basket for a left handed lay-up. Continue to do this for 30 seconds. The goal is to make 6 lay-ups in 30 seconds.

11. 30 POINT DRILL: Pick 5 spots on the floor (Top of key, both wings and corners). Shoot a 3 point shot (3points), a shot fake 1 dribble jumper (2 points) and a shot fake drive (1 point).  After shooting your 3 shots at all 5 spots, count your points. Keep you Personal Best and look to increase it every time you do this drill.


Start on the wing at about 12’ from the basket. Shoot a bank shot, rebound the ball and dribble out to the opposite wing. Shoot another bank shot and continue to alternate sides


Pick a spot or multiple spots to shoot from. Every missed shot is an out. Make 3 in a row to score a run. Play 9 innings and record your # of runs. Can be played with a partner.

14. CONSECUTIVE: We pick 7 spots on the perimeter (corners, wings, both elbows and Free throw line). Go to the first spot and continue to shoot until you miss a shot; at that point go to the next spot. Count the number of shots that you make from all 7 spots. Keep you Personal Best and look to increase it every time you do this drill.


(Excellent drill for 3 point shooters) – Pick 7 spots on the floor. If you swish the first shot you move to the next spot. If you miss a shot you must make 2 swishes before moving to the next spot. Each time you miss you must start over from that spot and add to the number of swishes you need to make in a row before you move on to the next spot. If you make a shot that hits the rim, it counts as nothing and you continue shooting.

16. GOLF

Select 9 spots on the floor. The first shot is a spin pass and a jumper. If you miss, you must rebound and shoot again from the spot you retrieved the ball and continue this process until you make a shot. Be sure to count each shot taken. The 2nd shot is from the same spot but add a shot fake and shoot a 1 dribble jumper. Rebound all misses and continue to shoot until making the shot. Repeat this process from all 9 spots and record your final shot count.

17.  60 SHOT DRILL

Take 10 shots each from the corner, wing and elbow on both sides of the court.  After shooting 10 from each spot,  shoot 2 Free Throws. After each free throw, take a left-handed layup, and dribble hard  back to the top of the key with your weak hand. You will shoot 60 jump shots, 12 Free Throws, and 12 weak hand lay-ups.


The player picks a pro that you would like to shoot against.  Start from the foul line.  If you make your foul shot, you get one point.  If you miss, the pro gets 3 points.  Then move outside the lane and take   jump shots. Every shot you make, you get one point.  For every missed shot, the pro gets 2 points. The first one to score 21 points is the winner.

19. TRIANGLE DRIBBLE: Start at block, dribble around a cone on the wing and then dribble to the elbow for a shot. Repeat but come around the opposite side of the cone and go to the baseline for the shot. Repeat on both side of the court.

20. 2 MINUTE DRILL: Player starts anywhere along the 3 point line with 2 minutes on the clock. Clock starts on the first made shot. Player is only allowed 2 shots in a row from the same spot. He continues to move around the arc shooting the 3. Count total number of made shots in 2 minutes.

“If you want something you’ve never had,

You must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”



Perfect Practice makes perfect

Keep your head up – See the Target

Stay low and balanced

Give a good target with your shooting hand

Bring the ball directly to the Shot Pocket

Low to High on your Shot
Bend and Extend

Practice at GAME SPEED
Younger players practice on a lower basket