50 Questions you need to ask about college

1. Do I want a small school or a big school?
2. How far from home do I want to be?
3. Do I want a campus that is in the city, near a city, or in a rural environment?
4. How important is the safety of the campus and the surroundings?
5. How important is the campus atmosphere / beauty of the campus?
6. Do I have to live in a dorm all 4 years? Are there student apartments?
7. How important is the Academic Reputation of the University?
8. How much weight will my degree carry out in the “real world”
9. What class size is most conducive to me for learning?
10. Is it important that I know my professors outside the classroom and that they are accessible for extra help?
11. What is the graduation rate for your sport/all sports?
12. What Academic Support Services are available to Student Athletes(eg. Tudors, study hall)?
13. What are the practice times?
14. How will these times affect my academics? eg. labs, internships, student teaching
15. How much class time is missed due to team travel?
16. Do I want a good balance of academics, basketball and my social life?
17. How important is it for my parents and friends to see me play?
18. How many games will be played in an area that is close enough for my family and friends to —–see me play?
19. Is there a TV package that would allow my family and friends to see me play?
20. When can I get home for vacation or holiday breaks?
21. How well do I “fit in” with the team off the court?
22. How well do I “fit in” with the team on the court?
23. What do I perceive my role to be on this team? As a freshman?
24. Do I want to be a player who could contribute immediately? Am I willing to wait a year or ———-two to contribute?
25. Who is ahead of me on the team in my position and what year are they?
26. How many players are ahead of me in my position and how do I measure up to them on the ——–court?
27. How well do I fit into the team’s style of play?
28. How important is the chemistry of the team to me? Do I see myself “fitting into the team’s ———chemistry”?
29. How good is their Strength and Conditioning program?
30. How important are the Coaches? How well can I relate to all of them?
31. How comfortable do I feel playing for the head coach and will Ienjoy playing for him?
32. How many years are left on the coach’s contract?
33. How important is the conference?
34. Will the conference challenge my skills, ability and competitiveness?
35. How committed is the athletic department to my sport?
36. How do the facilities/budget compare with other conference schools?
37. What are the chances of winning a conference title, getting to the NCAA Tournament?
38. How do I measure up to the other players in the conference at my position?
39. Am I capable of contributing to my team and becoming an impact player in the conference?
40. Will there be opportunity for TV exposure?
41. What is the attendance at the games?
42. How important is a competitive non-conference schedule to me?
43. Will I have the opportunity to travel outside the U.S for tournaments and games?
44. Are there professional opportunities available to me after graduation?
45. What does a Scholarship include? What costs will I incur?
46. What if I am injured?
47. Is summer school included? Is there a 5th year scholarship available if necessary?
48. What would be the reasons to lose a scholarship?
49. Is there an opportunity to walk on?
50. Is this a place that I can see myself being happy at for 4 years even if I don’t play a sport?


What do you need to do each year to prepare yourself for for college athletics? Below are a few ideas for you to get yourself on the right path to college sucess.

  • Meet your Guidance Counselor. Do they know the core course requirements for NCAA eligibility?
  • Manage your time, work hard and develop good study habits.
  • Work on a good GPA
  • Lift, condition, and work on your skills.
  • Play pick up in the off season
  • See some college games
  • Meet with your Guidance Counselor. Select your courses according to the NCAA guidelines.
  • Take challenging courses
  • Work on weaknesses (look for a tutor)
  • Research colleges you may be interested in.
  • Begin unofficial visits
  • Play AAU or summer ball
  • Go to a college camp at a school on your list
  • Meet with your Guidance Counselor. Are you on target?
  • Prepare a list of schools that you are interested in or that have shown interest in you.
  • Take the PSAT’s in October.
  • Take SAT/ACT in May and June
  • Register with NCAA Clearinghouse in June.
  • Contact NCAA for rules
  • Send letters of interest
  • See practice or game
  • Review college list monthly with your coach.
  • Make a highlight tape
  • In May, send your summer schedule to your colleges of interest.
  • Find a strong travel team – attend exposure events
  • Meet with your Guidance Counselor. Are you on track to be eligible?
  • Retake your SAT’s
  • Review and revise your target schools
  • Meet all application and financial aid deadlines.
  • Set up fall visits
  • Call colleges -are you considering early signing.
  • Continue to revise your list and contact coaches.
  • Continue to work on your skills and conditioning