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Here’s a Reality Check If You’re Aiming for a Basketball Scholarship.

By February 16, 2015News

Are you currently in High School, working your butt off aiming for that college scholarship to play basketball? Or do you know someone that is? Here is a reality check on what your actual chances are of getting that scholarship to play Division 1 basketball.

Here’s the math:
There are currently 351 Division 1 teams that each offer 13 scholarships a year.
On average, that means there are 1141 available new scholarships each year.
However, 30% of Junior College/Prep School players take those scholarships (342 total) that leaves us with 800.
Additionally, 10% of all scholarships go to overseas players which means we need to take off another 114.
That leaves us with 686 players that Division 1 schools can sign directly out of High School in the US.
Now let’s do some sums. There are 38,400 public and private High Schools in the US that offer a basketball programme.
On average, there are 4 seniors that play for each varsity team.
This means there are 154,600 High School Seniors, give or take, trying to get 686 scholarships.
The math on that? 0.4%. Yes, as an American High School Senior you have a 0.4% chance of getting an NCAA Division 1 scholarship.
It gets worse though. Half of these scholarships will go to players 6’5″ or taller. So if you’re under 6’5″, reduce your chances to about 0.2%.
However, all is not lost. Division 2 programme offers 765 scholarships per year, and NAIA schools offers a thousand plus, half or full, scholarships. So in total this increases your odds to around a 1% chance of getting a scholarship to college if you’re a HS senior.

They say pressure bursts pipes or makes diamonds. The question is, are you going to use this as a sign you have no hope and give up, or use it as motivation to work even harder?

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