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By January 27, 2014News

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to you. My daughter has attended various Bob Foley basketball training opportunities over the years — camps, clinics, and 3 on 3. She loves basketball, and she has been playing since she was in first grade. Although she would have loved to be on an AAU team, we never chose to get involved in AAU. When my daughter was in middle school, she never made the school team. She would always be chosen for first cuts and then cut for final cuts. Middle school girls basketball is very competitive, and often it seems that if you don’t play travel ball, you don’t make the cut. Well, my daughter kept playing rec ball and doing Bob Foley clinics when she could. Currently, she is a sophomore in High School. As a freshman, she made the JV team and had a fair amount of playing time on a team that only lost two games. For the current year, my daughter is a co-captain and starter on the JV team. Her love of basketball continues! She doesn’t aspire to play in college, but she is having a great time playing in high school. Thanks to Bob Foley Basketball, she was able to work on her skills over the years and ultimately succeed! Since she is a captain, I hear her talking to teammates and inspiring them with a few of the “Bob Foley tips” that I’ve heard you share over the years. Thank you for making a positive impact for youth basketball! I know my story is just one of many success stories from Bob Foley Basketball.


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