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Basketball Motivation

By July 17, 2014News

With summer at it’s midway point, I wanted to provide some motivation to help you get over the hump and stay on the grind.

If you want to be successful this winter, you have to put in the work this summer.

I got up early. He slept in

I trained with a purpose. He did a few push-ups.

I made 500 shots a day. He played H-O-R-S-E.

I watched my diet. He went to Burger King.

I worked on my weaknesses. He ignored his.

I studied film. He watched Family Guy.

I went to bed early. He stayed up all night.

I worked on my game. He worked on his tan.

I got there 30 minutes early. He came 2 minutes late.

I studied my playbook. He played Xbox.

I went the extra mile. He took the shortcut

I craved the uncomfortable. He enjoyed the warm & fuzzy.

I put my heart into everything I did. He just did enough to get by.

I had a vision of success. He feared failure.

I wanted it. He didn’t.

I won. He lost.

I am a champion. He is not.

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